Thursday, September 28, 2006

Travel Bug

I am REALLY ready to go on another trip.

We sometimes take a week away somewhere in October. I don't think we'll be able to swing it this year. We've got a lot of expenses coming up with the extension. It's almost finished.

In any case, we've got a voucher for three days diving in Egypt. That would be a day of diving for the three of us. . . . It has to be used before July of next year though.

I know when it is time to go on another trip. I start watching those programmes on the telly where people stop making that daily commute through soul destroying traffic, sell up and move to France to make cheese for a living or move to Italy and squeeze oil out of olives instead of working as a sales manager.

Grow tomatoes year round without the aid of a greenhouse . . . . (sigh)


Jay said...

I watch those shows too! I just sit there and shake my head. I can't even figure out how to even start to do such a thing.

Also, it's so hard to move to any country, other than the US of course. I research moving somewhere and decide I need a lawyer to help me go through all the paperwork. Then I see one of those shows where people just "up and move".

And I get jealous.

Mad Cabbie said...

When are you going to stop by and see us here in the states?

Anonymous said...


peggy's mom

gawilli said...

My travel bug won't take me much farther than Louisville, or Nashville at the most. Just not a whole lot you can do in four days - fall break.

Are you going to grow tomatoes year round? Cool.

Peggy said...

Jay- Why would you need a lawyer to move? When I moved to the UK with two children, the paperwork wasn't so onerous that I needed an immigration lawyer. It was very straightforward.

Mad - I was there last year.

Mom - I have been thinking about it, really!

gawilli - I'm not really moving anywhere else. This place is great. I just dream of warm places like Italy or France when I need a little vacation or the wet weather gets to me.

susan said...

We've talked off and on about trying to get transfered to the offices in Ireland. Despite all the appeal, it just seems to be to much of a hassle with all of our animals and such. Some day...

As far as paperwork, a friend of mine moved to Canada with her Canadian husband and it was a HUGE hassle, maybe things have just changed a lot in the last few years.

saz said...

everyone has the travel bug lately!