Saturday, September 09, 2006

All Better

Thank you for the concern you've all shown for my poor Dad and lame dog, Polly.

They're both fine and fighting fit again.
I will probably start to take Polly out on walks again. She's had her bandages off for a week or so and hasn't re-broken her toe. I really need the excercise. I'm sure she could do with a bit of exercise too.

Dad is planning a trip to Greece this autumn. I sure hope they can stop by here on their way past.


fastfooty2k said...

i just came across your blog from march about black's gaslight village in IA city. i'm not too familar with blogging so i didn't know how else to get ahold of you in case you want to hear more of my recollections of living there in '71-'72(or was it '73?). in any case, i am an american married to a wonderful flemish woman and permanently living in west flanders, belgium. my ancestors are from scotland (brodie clan) and we would love to get there someday. email me back if you'd like to hear more from what i remember of henry black and his famous ("infamous"? LOL --) "gaslight village". dick (

Mortart said...

I'm not sure I'm going to like the blogger-beta. I was trying to send you a comment on that posting and wound up here. But the new format is indeed very attractive. As a genuine technophobe, I'm hesitant to switch to blogger-beta. I've had enough frustrations with the old system and am not in the mood to adapt to a new one. I guess that's because I am indeed an Octogenarian.

Peggy said...

fastfooty2k - I'm going to send your e-mail address on to George Black, Henry's youngest son. I think he is trying to compile some stories about his late father.

Naturally, I would like to hear the stories too. :-)

Mort - there was a learning curve for me with the original blogger. I suspected that even though Blogger-beta will be easier, they've got a few kinks to iron out. Hence the reason they gave it the "beta" disclaimer.

saz said...

Thanks for the update on your dad and Polly. So glad they're better.

Peggy - If I didn't have dogs all my life I don't know how much exercise I would get. Walking the dog is sometimes the ONLY exercise I get in the last few years.

davey c said...

Ooo, count me in on the Black's Gaslight Village stories. I really gotta take a picture of the deck I built onto the side of 426 #8 during the '88 - '93 stretch where I lived there. It was a Statement of Rebuttal to the six-foot goddamn cyclone fence put up around the property by the bitch that bought the Vonnegut house next door. She also bought -- purely out of spite -- about a fifty-foot-wide strip of land all the way along the north border of the Black's lot, just so she could continue the fence along there and piss off a warren of neighbors she'd never met or talked to, let alone been disturbed by. "Bitch" is actually the nicest word I've ever used to describe her to anyone, you know. I'm told her name is Gaye Rogers, and god help me, I want to watch her die -- she's a fundamentally hateful, nasty person in a world already slopping over with them. But anyway, Black's got a little modernized in the '80s & '90s; Richard Wayne, the owner when I lived there (a Belgian about whom I also have little nice to say) had the corduroy driveway torn out & paved with concrete, and the city finally got him to update the wiring in all the buildings (still inadequate, but at least better). I planted an oak tree -- a foot-and-a-half-long stick when I got it, mostly root, wrapped in wet newspaper -- in the middle of the grassy patch between the U-shaped house and the end of the big long white one, and that sucker's about 25 feet tall now. It's been a couple years since I took any time to explore up there, so I dunno what else has changed, except Richard Wayne isn't the owner any more, there ya go, can't be bad.