Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weather again? Really?

I did not want to write about the weather . . . . rather I did not want to complain about the weather.  It forced me home early today.  The constant rain that we have been having is now causing flooding.
What I really wanted to write about is that even though I am forty nine years old, I still feel like an awkward teenager from time to time.  I still feel like that gangly, ungraceful and slighty bookish kid that doesn't hang out with the cool kids.  Now that I have years of social interactions under my belt, I know that if I just pretend that I've got loads of confidence, I'll be just fine.  The casual observer can not tell the difference between actual confidence and pretend confidence. Thankfully the old feelings of awkwardness don't come to visit very often and I am graced with actual confidence.  I can even do public speaking with out any hiccups. But every once and a while, I will get a little knock back.  I would really like to not have those feelings anymore thank you. 
I also saw two beautiful Whooper swans fly past my car.  I don't think I will ever stop marvelling at swans in flight.  As beautiful as those birds are in the water, to me they are even more spectacular in flight.   There was also a huge mega formation of Barnacle geese.  The weather has blown the geese from the fields near the sea, to areas further in-land.

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Shammickite said...

Weather, good or bad, happens, and it's OK to talk about it!
I saw two swans fly right bast my 2ns floor window a couple of years ago.... it was like watching a slow motion movie, gorgeous.