Monday, November 14, 2011

Time for New Jeans

The last time I was really happy with jeans that I bought was about 8 years ago when I was in Arizona.  I went a shopping mall in Scottsdale and bought some clothes.  I bought two pairs of good jeans from Eddie Bauer. They were made of nice heavy denim and have taken some hard wear.  The first of those pair died after four years.  Now the second pair is dying.  The holes are too big and will need to be patched OR the garment thrown away. 

I hate to throw them away because there is nothing in the wardrobe that can really take their place.  I have jeans, but the material is thin and I know they will not last a year let alone eight!

I do not want stone washed, acid washed or distressed jeans.  I don't want to buy jeans that look second hand, I want new ones.  I want the jeans of my youth, the cardboard stiff kind that shrink to fit and turn your legs blue. I want the kind that have to be washed separately for months or it will turn your laundry blue.

When those are new, they can be worn with anything and look just about perfect with a white shirt.  Years later when they have worn to a soft, sky blue they have earned a place in your heart.  You have done some living in those jeans, created memories while wearing them. 

They were what you wore on first dates and when you went camping.  You were wearing them when you caught the biggest fish of the day, changed a tyre for the first time and all those times you walked the dog.  They are also the jeans you wore to work, to the fairground and moving to a new place. They can take what life deals out!

Years later when the holes in the knee were too big, they became cut-offs.  Cut offs for me only ever lasted one summer - by the time the next summer rolled around, I had out grown them. 
I used to give myself enough in-seam to roll the legs of the cut-offs up.  I did this because as the summer wore on and the raw edge of the denim frayed, the fringe tickled. I also didn't like the front pockets sticking out past the legs of the shorts.

I know from experience that these shrink-to-fit jeans will fit you better than any other jeans you will ever own and even if you don't have much of a backside, your butt will look better in those jeans than anything else you will ever own.  Why oh why are those so hard to find?  Is there no longer a market for jeans that will last for years and fit great?


dogbait said...

Whoever invented jeans should have been shot. Shorts for me nearly all year and do I care about knobbly knees and skinny legs.

Peggy said...

I appreciate that for those who live in warm countries and who are not farmers may have the luxury of wearing shorts more often this may be the case, however I have worn shorts a grand total of 0 days at home this year. The only time I actually got to wear shorts was in August when we flew to another country! Jeans are what I wear when I am not at work or under the sea.