Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Dear George says it so well . . . .

Last year I worked at home.  When I was at home, I had been cleaning. In the process, I found I was getting rid of things that we don't need. Most of the items disposed of had been clothes. I had half a car load of just my old clothes.

I have a new regime with clothing.  If the clothes no longer fit or if I haven't worn a garment in a year and do not plan to wear it within the next year, it is going.  There are some things that I will never get rid of such as the tiny clothes that I brought the children home from the hospital in and my wedding dress.  I've kept two  fancy evening gowns too.    The rest is just just stuff I dont' wear or doesn't fit.  It no longer gets to take up valuable space in the closet. 

I went through files in the office and filled three bags! I burnt the old bank statements and other documents that people who might want to steal our identity would find helpful but the rest was just junk!

Now that I've got a job where I leave the house, the stuff is piling back up.  I thought that now that all the kids have left home, the house would be tidier.  It was cleaner at first . . .but the house has started to slip back into untidy again.  Maybe we're just plain messy and no longer have the boys to blame it on.

It used to be that the purging of items happened during a move to a new house.  I haven't moved in over 17  years.  So I must start evaluating items again.  The next non-diving weekend will see me ripping through the house to get rid of stuff again. 


Xtreme English said...

17 years is a long time, and things DO accumulate year by year. just happens. good for you for clearing out. i'm STILL tossing out useless papers--old bank statements, like you said.

have fun. it's nice when things are tidy again, and there's ROOM TO WALK BETWEEN STUFF.

AZ said...

I toss and donate stuff continuously, I live by the one-year rule, if you don't use it, touch it, or wear it in 365 days it's GONE! I also guaranties that everything in your house gets cleaned at least once a year because I have stuff I want to keep I have to wipe, dust, or wash it annually; this includes decorator stuff that sits on high shelves.

Betty said...

"Stuff" really can accumulate in a hurry. Good luck.