Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22nd

Today is Gordon's birthday.  He's 18.  We have been neighbours for almost his entire life.  I certainly remember being in next door's kitchen on the day of his first birthday when he was making his first wobbly steps across the floor.

Gordon is in the blue shirt. My youngest son George is in the red shirt.  Those boys have been friends their whole lives. 

They really didn't have a choice about being friends.  We were the nearest neighbours to Gordon's family out here in the countryside and George and Gordon are a mere eight weeks apart in age.  The friendship was forced upon them.  
They are very different in personality and interests, but have always managed to be friends anyway.  We've got a lot of memories wrapped up in the two of them together.

Horsing around on the hills above Gordon's family farm . . . .


and family holidays

I don't have any recent photos of the two of them together . . . I'll try to get one this Christmas.

In the meantime - Happy 18th Gordon!  I love you!


Xtreme English said...

happy birthday to gogo (george's name for him at age 18 months)....they have always seemed to really enjoy a relaxed, natural friendship.

Susan @ A Slice of My Life said...

How wonderful to have a special friendship that has lasted their entire lives!