Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dirty Car Season

Before dinner, I was out washing our cars.  They get REALLY dirty this time of year. 

It's hard to keep them clean, especially when we live out here.  There is always mud and more organic material on the road to our house.

Let me tell you know, once that stuff has dried onto your car it  is STICKY!  Presoaking is required.

I have been washing my car by hand instead of running it through the car wash.  I'm doing this for two reasons: 1. I won't charge myself any money to clean the car. 2.I've got a brand new car and car wash brushes can scratch the finish on cars. 

The drawback is that I will miss bits.  I like to leave the car to dry after washing it - then go back an hour or so later, find the muddy spots I missed early and wipe them clean.     I missed some bits on Saturday and didn't go back to check - it was too dark to check.  I didn't find out I had missed bits until I was somewhere where I couldn't do anything about it.   - bleh


Xtreme English said...

One of the GREAT pleasures of city life is the automatic car wash--where they not only vacuum the whole inside of the car, but they wash it thoroughly on the outside, then wipe it dry, paying particular attention to the windows, onside and out.

NOTHING makes us feel better than driving in a freshly washed and vacuumed car. the car wash brushes don't cause nearly as much damage to the finish as the dings from other residents' cars in the condo parking ramp.

if you can do this yourself, enjoy! a full -service wash & dry (minus the awful "clear coat," which makes your windows smeary) is about $16.00 here. plus tip.

and i'd find the person drawing the "wash me" on your window and make HIM or HER wash the car!

xo, ma

Peggy said...

LOL - the "wash me" photo is not a photo of my car. :-)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hey, I have to give you kudos for washing your own car Peggy....I never even think to do it. I also don't go to car wash places often either. So what's my option...hope for rain? I'm bad, but somehow my car has managed to stay pretty clean considering. Hmmm, maybe I should treat it to a nice refreshing wash....thanks Peg. ~Joy

Stelle Courney said...

Haha, yeah. It's a bit annoying to see that you missed a spot while cleaning the car, especially if said spots were noticeable against the clean sections of the car. It's best to do stuff like that on a good day, with lots of light and free time.

Carson Wininger said...

Oh, I'm itching to clean that car! If you find it hard to clean this up frequently, you should try covering your car when not in use. It also protects the car's body and quality from harsh sunlight.

Peggy said...

Carson -
Thanks for visiting -
The car gets dirty when I use it, not when it is in the drive. I wouldn't dream of covering it. Harsh sunlight? Really? We live in Scotland where there is so little natural sunshine some years we take vitamin D supplements and the tomatoes in the greenhouse won't ripen.

Delsie Maidens said...

I live in a mostly dry and dusty area too and sometimes, I’m too lazy to clean up all those accumulated dust in my window. It’s a good thing though that I came upon your blog. Having baby wipes handy actually does the trick for me. I, for one, don’t want to visit the auto service center with a thick layer of dust piled over my car.