Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Joy of Spring!

Last weekend was absolutely glorious. The Man of The Place and I got a great deal accomplished as we took advantage of the fine weather. I got some things planted in the garden and some hanging baskets filled. Rugs were taken up and either beaten, washed or both. It was so nice to have the doors open and fresh air circulating through the house. I managed to get all the beds stripped and the sheets. I think line dried sheets are one of my favourite things of all time!
female Orange Tip - Photo by Dean at mostlymacro

I did manage to get a bit done in the vegetable garden. It was wonderful to hear the cows crunching on grass just on the other side of the hedge from me (just a few feet away) as I worked. The orange tip butterfly that only flies at this time of the years flitted by and there were a few bumble bees buzzing by. This is all happens while the swallows chatter happily on the power line overhead and the curlews down by the burn call to each other.male Orange Tip - photo by Dean of mostlymacro

The apple tree is in blossom again. Let's pray for good, frost free weather for the little apple blossoms. I only had six apples in total from the two apple trees last year.

This weekend is has more typical Scottish weather. It is overcast with occasional sprinkles that keep me indoors. I have much cleaner floors when the weather is not good. I'm not as distracted by nicer, outdoor jobs and the carpets and kitchen lino get attention.

I'm off to Budapest again tomorrow morning. I'll write and tell you guys all about it when I return!

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