Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Day of Summer

The Cuteness Continues!

As an introduction to summer you really would be hard pressed to find a lovelier morning than the one we are experiencing in South West Scotland. It is all very pastoral here at Whitelees (the name of our house) with clothes drying on the line, plants in front of the greenhouse to be planted out and a mother hen with her little charges walking around in the dewy grass.

If regular readers will recall, earlier in the spring we had a problem with Jackdaws trying to make nests in our chimneys. The birds were put off that idea by the fabulous Man of the Place and the Jackdaws were forced to make their nests in trees! Nature can be so cruel. There is one successful nest in the beech tree in the corner of the place. The little ones are getting ready to leave the nest any time now. They make quite a racket at the moment as you can hear in the video clip.

I'm off to do something domestic like scrub the kitchen floor. When I do this, the kitchen door will be open and I might get a vist from the mother hen and her little adopted ducklings.

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