Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thwarting the Jackdaws Even More!

We have three chimneys. One for the range, one for the new fireplace and one for the old fireplace. As you know, two of the chimneys got metal caps on them yesterday. This will prevent the jackdaws from building their nests in the chimneys and blocking them. The old fireplace chimney has a wire basket over the top of it, so we figured that we didn't need to put a cap or jackdaw thwarter on that one.

This evening there were FOUR jackdaws squabbling around this third chimney. Two mated pairs fighting over who gets to live in this chimney. Sheesh! These are some tenacious birds! More action was needed. We really should have purchased three metal caps, but we're cheap. We thought the the existing wire basket that covers this last chimney would be fine.

Henry lit some newspaper in the old fireplace to get them to go away then it was up to the roof again. This time he had some leftover chicken wire with him to patch any large holes in the wire basket. There were a few places where the jackdaws had worked larger holes the wire mesh. He put a bit of chicken wire over the basket and secured it with a long piece of wire around the neck of the chimney. The Man of the Place in action! Pointing out cracked ridge tiles that will have to be replaced A view of The Man of the Place coming back down the ladder. (I'm supposed to be holding the ladder but I was taking a photo instead.)As ever Julio helped out.My favourite view of Whitelees - Can you make it out? Count four fields and there we are.The wind turbines on a hill very near us.

Today is the feast day of St George. The Patron Saint of England and of people who suffer from skin diseases. Happy Feast Day George!

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