Thursday, April 06, 2006

Time to get started

It is that time of year again, time to get the greenhouse fired up. These two boxes arrived today.

I've taken delivery of some new seedlings. I've got a box of geranium seedlings and a box of impatien seedlings (Busy Lizzy).

Now that I've got these little babies and the knowledge that there are a couple more boxes on their way, I must get space sorted out for them in the greenhouse. Thankfully I have only recently made a trip to the dump with unwanted stuff that seems to pile up. This will make finding room on the staging easier. While the extension is going on, the greenhouses have been doubling as storage for shelves of old paint, oil contaners and the like. I am sure that by the end of this summer, we will be organized enough to have the greenhouses be just greenhouses.

I already have visions of how lovely the hanging baskets are going to look this year. I make really lovely hanging baskets that positively explode with flowers.

I have taken an idea from another felllow blogger here in Scotland. I've decided to offer my birds sunflower seed hearts or shelled sunflower seeds. They aren't cheap (cheep) but I am hoping to attract more exotic and uncommon bird visitors to the Whitelees feeders. The above photo shows the new feeder that has been attached to my new Mothers' Day bird table. This shot shows the pond (full of frog spawn) behind and to the left of the feeder.

About an hour after I put these choice morsels out for the birds, I was rewarded.

You can see there are two European Goldfinches at the new feeder. Aren't they such pretty little birds? Above the finches is a Robin. Head down to the right of the Robin is a female chaffinch.

This is a treat for me because we don't normally get Goldfinches visiting until late summer when they come in to feed on flower seed heads and dandelion clocks.

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