Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

On the last day of the year, I took my dear sweet dog Polly on a walk.  It was foggy today and there might have been a pheasant shoot nearby so I put on a high viz vest and I put one on the dog.   I've got a new camera and I was keen to start using it.

Polly in the fog
I haven't been on our favourite walk in a while.  We've had lots of snow and very cold temperatures.  Now, the dog loves to play in the snow, but it has been too cold to go out.  It's the sort of cold where you feel your nose hairs freeze and snow squeaks.
Looking up our lane
A couple warmer days and some rain have made the snow go away.   We are now back to normal Scottish winters with fog, rain and generally dreich weather.   
The pond in the fog
There were plenty of pheasants up here today and a huge blue heron.  In the fog it looked like a pterodactyl!

I am headed to my bed early as I have a hacking cough.  I'll leave the rest of you to whoop it up and sing Auld Lang Syne. 

We've been at our home, Whitelees for almost 17 years now.  These trees were saplings when we first arrived.  I remember being careful not to step on them when in that field picking daisies.

The Trees have grown!
I was talking about this with the youngest member of the family we agreed that our life here is pretty fantastic.  We wouldn't live anywhere else.  I'm really looking forward to the next year! 


tom said...

nice pictures! It's pretty dreich around Illinois too, if that's possible. Happy New Year!

Jay said...

Happy New Year!

Paradise Driver said...

Happy New Year, Peg!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Joyce

Shammickite said...

We had the same drippy foggy weather here in S Ontario for New Year's Day, but I see that the temp has dropped today and there are a few snowflakes flying horizontally past the window!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Peggy! Illinois has returned to freezing weather, but very little snow. We had a beautiful Christmas Eve snowfall here - just like a Hallmark commercial, but it's mostly gone now - ok by me! Cousin Susan

Joy Des Jardins said...

Nice pictures. Happy New Year Peggy...hope your cough is better. Blessings to you in the new, love and peace always.