Sunday, November 02, 2008

Something Nasty Under the Piano

This has happened before. . . I go around turning off lights and locking doors as I turn in for the night and as I walk through the orangerie I catch an unpleasant whiff. I think to myself that there may be something dead in here again.

In the morning, I steeled myself and had a look under the piano (the location of the last dead animal). In addition to a large amount of dust and a couple of cat toys, there was once again a dead shrew under the piano. Julio must bat them under there and not be able to get them out again. I got the cat toys and dead shrew out. The toys were returned to the cat and the shrew was thrown on the fire. Then I cleaned up the dust. Do you know how hard it is to dust UNDER a piano? Well, it's a bit more difficult than dusting the top of the thing.
Here is the space under the piano which is now free of cat toys and small dead rodents.

After I cleaned out under the piano, I found myself in dusting/cleaning mode. Julio, who was reanimated by the return of his cat toys was hanging around being helpful. He helped one of my orchids onto the floor. Remember this orchid? Well terracotta pots and tile floors do not mix.
It is on the floor near the other door. Julio is pretending that there is something very interesting outside and is pretending he doesn't see THIS!!
Close up view - grim, isn't it?

I repotted the orchid in a plastic pot and it is back on a windowsill minus the flowers. I hope next year this orchid will give us a show that is just as beautiful.

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