Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama Rally - Edinburgh

It seems that it is becoming quite likely that the US is going to elect the Democrat's nomination for the presidency. I am not going to go down the road of how much I despise what has happened to my beautiful country in the last eight years under Republican leadership. I am not a political blogger. There are plenty of other writers who are much more articulate than I covering this topic and because I don't want any hate mail.

Having said that, I have always been a Democrat. From the very first vote I cast in 1980 for the incumbent president Jimmy Carter until a few weeks ago when I sent off my overseas ballot to Iowa and the Johnson County guy-who-counts-votes.

There is real hope being pinned on Senator Obama. I like and respect what he stands for. I am relieved to see that he is a whole lot brighter than the incumbent president. He is also a black man and that makes this election even more historic. (I just realized in looking him up that Senator Obama is almost exactly a year older than me!) Crikey, he's young!

I could have stayed home, got caught up on domestic duties but years from now, I don't want to say that I was sitting on the sidelines when history was being made. I wanted to show my support.

Today was a glorious autumn day here. Here are some road shots from the way up.There was no rain the entire day!The sun was out and there was a dusting of snow on the Moffat hills. You can see the pines and yellowing larch side by side on the hills. It's pretty, isn't it?

It seemed we could see forever. As we got closer to the Edinburgh, we could see there was some snow on the mountains in the distance as well.

I've been in Scotland for fifteen years and I always get lost when driving into Edinburgh city centre. I don't get lost every time, but almost every time. It is SO unclear and confusing. Plus they are adding in a tram system and it is ripping up roads and diverting traffic. Well my inability to find my backside meant that we were late to the rally.

Speeches were underway when George and I got there. We sidled up to the crowd quietly and tried to blend in. This brave soul (above) was articulate and inspiring despite the fact that I could see she was shaking. Poor thing. Here's a group shot - see if you can spot George!

In Iowa I feel we are spoiled with attention from all the candidates, especially during the primaries. It means that every meeting (certainly any that I attended) were always in huge venues and very well attended. This group was intimate in comparison and we met outdoors but were by no means less dedicated. We clapped and whooped. After the speeches, I introduced myself to a couple of people and then G and I went off to find some lunch.
A picturesque close just off the Royal Mile. George's only thought was "mountain bike" when he looked down this close.
And a shot of Edinburgh Castle.

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