Monday, November 24, 2008

Early Snow

It is not normal for us to have snow so early in the winter. If we get any snow at all, it will be in February and March, the end of the winter rather than in November during the opening credits.

I woke on Sunday to snow. I love snow!

I sprang from my lovely warm bed and got dressed up in many layers and took the dog Polly out for a walk. With the thought of that big cat still at large, I thought that the new snow would be perfect medium for big cat tracks. The snow turned out to be more glorified slush than proper snow which is always a bit disappointing. There were no other tracks on our road other than my own and Polly's. No cars or tractors had been up recently and by the time I got to the neighbour's place, I had not seen the tracks of any other animals. Not even a mouse. Nothing was stirring that morning.

It started to rain some freezing rain and my initial enthusiasm was getting damper by the second. I made an about face, leaving the hill and its promise of animal tracks in the snow for another time. When Polly realized I was heading back to the house, she zipped past me in her very best impersonation of a greyhound, running all the way back to the house without stopping. I think she was more than happy to end this walk. This snow/slush must have been cold on her little paws.

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