Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Splashy Puddletime Fun

Later on this week, the ducklings are off to live in their new home. They are going back to the people I got the duck eggs from originally. They will go there with their foster mother until they've grown enough feathers to not need her warmth anymore and then the hen will come back here.

I wonder if the ducks that live over there will recognise their biological offspring. Probably not.

Yesterday the ducklings were having an absolute blast playing in the puddles in our drive. The mother hen was trying her hardest to get the ducklings to scratch around in the grass as she was doing, but they were having none of it. The ducklings were all about the puddles yesterday. I tried to get a good photo of the ducklings in the small puddles, but if I got too close it would scare everybody out of the water.

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