Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Ducklings Are Hatching!

Today is the big day and right on time, the ducklings are hatching!

One of my hens has been sitting on six duck egg for the last 28 days. Today the eggs are hatching out. One duckling is already out. Two more eggs have pipped. This means that little tiny holes have appeared on the surface of the shell where the little guys inside have broken through. Three eggs appeared to be infertile. I checked the non-pipping eggs and they showed no signs of life at all. I double checked by chipping a little hole in the shells and (phew!) sure enough, there was nothing in there but rotting egg.

I dislike disturbing the mother when the eggs are hatching out. Disturbing the hen at this point in the proceedings can very easily cause chick or duckling deaths.

I'll have photos just as soon as the ducklings are safely out of their shells.

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