Thursday, June 05, 2008

Chickens and Gardens Don't Mix!

Sure, they LOOK innocent enough . . . .

It always seems as though cosmic forces conspire to ensure that if I have a nice time, I am going to have to suffer in some other way in payment. I was away yesterday to see my mother and had a lovely time seeing her and yesterday's pleasure was at the expense of my garden.

Our neighbours reported that Polly had crawled underneath the gate and was seen on the road playing with some strange (unknown) border collie. The neighbour came back to the house and ensured that my dog was safely back in the garden. I'm going to have to nail a board to the bottom of the gate to make absolutely certain that she NOT squeeze under it again.

The chickens also escaped while I was down south and had their evil way in the garden, destroying almost every vegetable plant in the plot. The entire vegetable plot may have to be replanted.Thankfully this is the only damage that occurred in the greenhouse. The tomatoes, peppers, coriander (cumin) and cucumber were okay but the grow bag with the basil in it has been destroyed.
The broccoli has had all its leaves stripped.
The devastation!

The pumpkin and courgette plants survived but nothing else has. If I replant over the weekend, I might get a crop or two.

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