Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things in Bloom

In some parts of the world, the lilac is in full bloom. The week before last, the lilac was at it's seasonal peak in Hungary. That means that now two weeks on, the Budapest lilac will be past it's best. This is the state of the lone Whitelees lilac. It looks as though I still have a week to go before I get a good sniff of my own lilac blossom.
The apple blossom buds are opening now too. One tree's bloom is fully open and my other tree is threatening to be in bloom tomorrow. If the apple blossom survives and doesn't get hit by a late frost, we'll have some apples this year! Go apple trees go!

Over the weekend we had guests. Rick and Stephanie, formerly from Atlanta, Georgia now living in Brussels. Rick has been a friend of The Man of the Place for (gulp) almost 18 years. I met Rick when he attended our wedding almost 16 years ago. Henry has seen him a couple of times since when traveling in the southern United States. It was the first time I'd met Stephanie, Rick's bride of six years and it was a real pleasure to get to know her. They are both such great people and are welcome to visit again any time! We are lucky with the guests that come to visit. Our are always so fun, polite, well mannered and tidy.

I took a bunch of pictures when we took them to local beauty spots near the house but here's the odd thing. The camera was empty when I went to upload the photos! Any guesses as to how the were emptied off the camera? Because I sure don't know what happened. The camera was in my car so I don't think the photos were wiped of the memory card by anybody. Maybe the camera itself just deleted them.

We went to The Lake District on Sunday and had a great time despite the rain.Photo of Rick returning to the car after photographing more sheep for Stephanie. It was so odd that there was thunder and rain in Cumbria because at home at Whitelees just north of the border, there was warm sunshine!

I would hate to jinx the good weather, but we've had really great weather since I got back from Hungary last week!

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