Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Fun We Had

I know you shouldn't wish your life away, but I can't wait until next year!

If you're going to visit Budapest don't miss the House of Hungarian Wine on Castle Hill. They have a fantastic wine tasting that helped us on our way to becoming insufferable experts on Hungarian wines.
The Great Market in the center of Budapest closes at 2:00 pm. The upstairs where food and drink is sold, stays open until 3:00 pm. If a bottle of Tokaj wine is being shared out between five people, we start behaving like siblings and ensuring that each glass has the exact amount in it and nobody gets more or less than everybody else.

A dinner cruise on the river is a great way to get some excellent photos. Gordon's photos of the city from the river at night are gorgeous!

If you go late to Széphalom Vendéglo you may be denied desert. This happened to us the first night. (I know! The horror of it all!) Picture all the staff in their street clothes leaning against the bar waiting for those tourists to leave so they can go home.

This desert, Chocolate Strawberry Dream was denied us the first night. BeforeAfter

Do not under any circumstances miss out on going to one of the baths that Budapest is famous for! We went to the Széchenyi baths and had so much fun! The weather was sunny and warm with only the lightest of breezes so all those outdoor pools were crowded. This didn't diminish our enjoyment one little jot! The raging rapids part of the 23 degree pool and the bubbles were especially invigorating. Oh, and I had a massage! There actually were people playing chess in the pool. They were over in the 40 degree pool.

Have an ice cream! It is as tasty as it is stylish. Nom nom nomHave some cake!
If you get to Budapest, don't forget your camera! The city and country are so beautiful. You will want to get photos of everything! Buy some souvenirs! I recommend some of the beautiful embroidery. Louise bought this beautiful top and I bought a tablecloth.
Bring an umbrella for the occasional shower!

If at all possible, you should try to see Budapest with these people. They are the best hosts and traveling companions a girl could wish to have!
If you are not able to travel with those people, you will need a map. If you don't have a map, try GPS!

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