Monday, February 04, 2008

No Longer the Champions

There was a quiz night in the village hall again. I'm sad to report that we lost our standing and did not come in first place. I suppose the fact that we were not successful in keeping our title of village smart asses is the reason that this post is delayed. The quiz night was on Burn's Night.

I will say that I lucked up in the raffle though. My numbers kept getting drawn to the point where I had to say that I wouldn't accept another raffle prize and they should draw a different number. Table with the raffle prizes (mostly booze and chocolate!). The Brut Aftershave gift set was the last thing to be selected from the prize table. I wouldn't be surprised if it showed up again on the next raffle prize table. Things like Brut, Old Spice and very very bad wine have a habit of returning to the raffle prize table in the village hall with alarming regularity. My prizes - bottle of wine and some Avon hand soap.

I thought I'd put in a few photos of the quiz night.

Though we didn't win, we had such a good night out. When there is a function on at our village hall, the hall conveniently becomes a place within walking distance of our house where we can buy a drink. They always pour really good drinks too.Before the quiz started The Man of the Place (checked shirt) was being sociable with people from the village. One can see that the Christmas lights are still up above the bar. To the left and right are the raised platforms on which the village primary school's Christmas shows are staged. The wooden bar above everybody's heads is the curtain rail for the "stage curtain". Our team! Fiona, Henry, Isabella and me (taking the photo)The team in the table behind us - who came in LAST place. The shame of coming in last is something I hope I never have to face.

Rose and Myra. Myra and her husband Chris(not shown) are our nearest neighbours and are very dear people. Myra lead the winning team to victory that night. Incidentally, Myra and Chris are the grandparents of George's best friend Gordon.

Another table that beat us. They were very good and congratulations to them- but these people actually live in the next village over. Is this fair?

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