Sunday, October 07, 2007

We are the Champions!

Our friends Kevin and Pam are visiting us. They, George and The Man of the Place are going to the Darvel Music Festival tonight. As Kevin and Pam live all the way down in Cirencester they have come up early to visit us.

Last night there was a Quiz Night being held in our village hall so we all walked down to the village hall to participate. We live about half a mile from our village hall. As we had all had wine with our dinner, walking was the only legal option.

It was a mild night and the walk down was very pleasant. Kevin and Pam, were quite stalwart and didn't ask us why we weren't bringing torches (flashlights). Frankly, you really don't need the extra light. There aren't any streetlights and after about thirty seconds, your eyes get used to things and you can see the road just fine.

I've made the walk to and from our house at night to the village many times and I've never been afraid. Aside from tales of "large cats" on the loose, there isn't anything out there that might want to eat an adult human. Nobody walks that way, so robbery isn't going to take place. On top of that, most of the potholes have been filled in, so the tripping hazards have been minimised.

So, long story made short. Village quiz night. Team of five - Me, Henry, Kevin, Pam and Michael (stray villager looking for a team). We won. Convincingly.
We can barely move here this morning for the smugness that has filled the place.

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