Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rock and Roll!!!

I always had this secret ambition to be a rock chick. It never really happened and now that train has left the station.

However, as I am married to one of the UK's premier music fans and it looks like the youngest boy is heading that way as well, I still get to the occasional gig.

On Sunday a band that we know and love, The Endrick Brothers were the first to be playing the outdoor stage at the SummerTyne Festival in Gateshead (Newcastle).

We made the way across to the north east especially to see them. The boys had been playing in Liverpool the night before. As the show had been very successful, they celebrated. Perhaps in hindsight, they had partied a little too hard. Their voices were terribly gravelly on Sunday morning.

The set was good and the crowd seemed to like what they were hearing.

This is one of their songs, Irish Angel (taken by The Man of the Place).

Afterwards, we were talking to the band members and they said that after they had something to eat, they were headed back up to Stirlingshire and they gave us their passes!

We had Access All Areas passes for the entire Americana festival! Woo hoo! Rock and Roll!
(photo of my denim jacket with glorious golden pass stuck to it)

This meant that there was every possibility that we could go back stage at the Kris Kristofferson concert that was happening at 7:30 that night! Henry and George ran off immediately to see what there was to see. Laura Veirs was just starting her set and after flashing the passes :-) we went in. She was pretty good.

While flashing the passes, The Man of the Place was told that our passes were not going to be getting us in to see Mr Kristofferson. The concert was sold out and there was no standing room. So much for access all areas. Pffft!

What's the point in finally getting the coveted back stage pass if it's not really going to get you the access you've always dreamed of.

After listening to Ms Veirs, we just went home.

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