Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Babies in the Aquarium

For those readers who have been around for a while know that I keep a couple of fish tanks.

In the large (116 gallon) aquarium, I have some Bronze Corydoras that are very regular about spawning. The first time they spawned, I was able to save the eggs in the hope that they would hatch. Sadly, that first batch of eggs wasn't fertile. Subsequent batches of eggs were eaten by the other fish in the aquarium before I could save them.
photo of the first batch of fish eggs

Last week the fish spawned again. I was home and alert to the spawning and was able to save about a dozen eggs. I was able to move the eggs to the recently vacated fish tank in the kitchen. I watched as the eggs got darker. The night before they hatched, I could see the little guys wiggling around in their egg cases. The next day, the eggs had hatched but wouldn't you know it, it was also the day that the filter pump selected to die. I thought that that was it for the little guys. I squirted some food for freshly hatched fish in there anyway and went off to buy a new pump.

Today, there were more eggs laid on the glass in the big aquarium and I was able to collect about 30 eggs. They were being placed in the kitchen aquarium when I saw them, the babies from the previous batch. I have seen about three teeny tiny little fish wiggling around.

I can't get a photo of the newly hatched fry for two reasons; 1. They're too wiggly and won't stay still. 2. I am still not good at getting the macro function to work on our camera.

I am thrilled that I have been home to save more fish eggs and to discover that saving these eggs actually works! I get baby fish!

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