Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'd Like to Thank The Academy . . .

If I see a new award and I see that I haven't received it, I am every so slightly put out. I know that is childish, but hey, I can be childish sometimes. Just ask anybody. There are some awards that have been floating around amongst the blogs that I read.

You see that over to the side of the blog there is the coveted Golden Spork award given annually by Tink over at her blog Pickled Beef. This award is not one of those awards that when one receives it, you then go on to nominate more people for the award. This one is finite. For that reason, I pasted it to the side of my blog. Well, now that award is not going to sit all by itself like a lone trophy in a over sized trophy case. Over the past few months, a few of my fellow bloggers have forwarded even more glory my way.

Over the past few months more awards have been given to me. Each and every time I am given one of these awards, I feel flattered. I have been quite slow in passing some of these awards on. I'd like to fix the situation now.

Before I go on, I'd like to say that I hope that those I nominate haven't already got one of these.
On April 27th, 2007 Susan at Slice of Life has awarded me the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. Susan has a great blog with a host of regular readers/friends who are also very good bloggers. She's got two beautiful daughters and she shares the funny bits of what goes on in her Seattle home through the blog. I was so flattered to be singled out amongst the crowd for this award. Not only was I was chosen but the award itself makes me happy because I like to think that I can still Rock!
In turn I pass this award on to:
Xtreme English - She's taking a break at the moment but go and read her blog anyway. Find out all about her cochlear implant and how she was able to start hearing again this year.
Doctor Pistachio - A dear Iowa Gal who now lives in Seattle. She's just about the sweetest person with a Phd that you'd ever want to meet.
A few short days later on April 30th, 2007 Betty over at Old Dog New Trick passed on the Thinking Blogger Award. I hope that my delay in thanking you doesn't diminish the message of gratitude. Betty is a true Southern Belle. Though I've never spoken to this Arkansas resident, I just know that listening to her will be like drinking sweet tea on a hot day. Her blog is a blog that I check every single day. In addition to stories of her life, Betty will write the occasional book review. I'd like to pass this award on to two of my oldest friends:
Tom - Nicest banjo player I know and father of Dr Pistachio.
Joe - Iowa's Premier Tax Blogger. If you even THINK about adding a penny to the taxes in Des Moines, you'll have to deal with my mate Joe.
Last but certainly not least Tink has given me an additional chunk of love with the Nice Matters Award. I really like reading Ms Erbelle's work. She is very very funny and just vulnerable enough for me to forgive her for being so young, beautiful and creative.
This one is passed along to:
Chameleon - Who writes beautifully and takes very excellent photos (aside from the photo of me).
Blogging in Paris - I had the pleasure of meeting dear Claude in December. We started talking the moment we met and there wasn't a gap in the conversation until we had to say goodbye. When I get to Paris again, I will be planning my stay around another visit with her!

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