Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fish TV

There was another big delivered at the house for work on Saturday.

I haven't found a spot to store this big box just yet and it is still on the floor in front of the aquarium.
Jack found that this box is the best spot for keeping an eye on the tropical fish.
I don't blame him. I like watching the fish too, but I'm sure it is for different reasons. I find it is a comfort to watch my fish. Jack and Julio just want to eat them. We find that the cats have become very good hunters. The hallway, at the end of which we have a cat flap installed, has become the hallway of death and gore. There are always feathers in the vacuum or headless shrew in the garbage from my having to clean up the latest murder.
I've put collars on the young cats that have very jingly bells. I was hoping that this would give the local small mammals and young birds a better chance. The cats seem to be particularly lucky at catching shrews and young blackbirds.
I am pleased that the pets are doing photogenic things as it seems to be a slow week for actual news.

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