Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today's News

I have just spoken to my sister Sally who has traveled from New Jersey to Washington to be with Mom for her cochlear implant activation. I called her on her cell phone during a time I thought would be after the appointment.

The big news is that my mother's implant has worked!

She can hear sound but it will take a while for her brain to make sense of all the new sounds coming through the formerly disused auditory nerve. Mom says that the everyday sounds of life are quite musical. Mom had popped on to Sally's phone to speak to me for a minute. She couldn't hear what I was saying back, but we got the gist of the conversation through help from sister Sal.

As previously reported, I set up my aquarium over the weekend. Yesterday I started putting fish in it. I had thirteen Cardinal Tetras and added in five Bronze Corydoras - (Bronze Corys). The water temperature in the new bigger tank was still a few degrees cooler than the tank in the kitchen, but I figured that if I had a long enough acclimatizing period (over an hour) the fish could stand the change. A more patient person would have waited a day or two longer, but I have never claimed to be a patient person.

I had a little surprise in the new aquarium when I came home today after work. It wasn't fish belly up, they had laid eggs! It turns out that Bronze Corys, triggered by a drop in temperature will spawn!!!
Here they are - eggs stuck fast to the side of the aquarium.

I'll wait until the eggs are a day or two older and then I'll place them in the smaller and now empty kitchen aquarium. The eggs can hatch in there without fear of being eaten and I can fuss over them, feeding the hatchlings special baby fish food.


Tink said...

Congrats on your Mom's implant! That's fantastic news. :)

The fish eggs are cool. We had a Red Devil fish that laid some once. But she ate them within the day. I'd already named all the babies too.

Betty said...

Hooray for your Mom! I'm glad the implant worked.

mrs k said...

That''s good news for a change (Cochlear Implant).

My taddies have hatched.

Claude said...

That is wonderful news! I'm so happy for your sake and hers!

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

What a great day! Thanks for spreading the cheer. :)

Xtreme English said...

Holy Toledo! What a great photo and surprising event!! Maybe the little fishy mama just had to deliver her eggs, no matter where she was...like all those country girls in Bismarck who used to have their babies in the pickup on the way to the hospital. D'ya think?

Ex-Shammickite said...

Congrats to your mum, I hope she sorts out all the sounds in her head in record time! It's quite astonishing, such a marvel that she will be able to hear again.

Kell said...

That's great news about your mom! Fantastic.

And baby fish, too! That'll be exciting. We had babies born in our aquarium at work, and we had daily "baby watch."

Peggy said...

Tink - Thank you. It IS good news.

More eggs were laid after documenting the first batch stuck to the side of the aquarium.

Betty - Thank you - I'm glad it worked too

mrs k - I like reporting good news. Our taddies have hatched too

Claude - Merci! I'm happy too

Nursewholvdme - It IS a great day! Thanks for sharing it.

Xtremeenglish - Yah (in ND accent)- I don't think she could hold 'em in anymore. I'm so pleased for you. Who knew there were so many little sounds around. Bubbles in the pop, keyboards, fabric rustling. It's never ending!

Ex-shammickite - Thanks for that. She has always had a quick mind. Let's just see how fast it can deal with this.

kell - Thanks for that. Baby fish are exciting. I used to have guppies that kept on producing. I still marveled at each time a new group of little guys showed up.

susan said...

Yea!!! How very exciting that the implants are working. I'm so very happy for both of you.

And you're going to be a fish grandma! All sorts of good things happening in your life. ;)

J-Funk said...

Wow! That's an eventful post all around. Good luck to both your mom and the fish.

Xtreme English said...

how're the eggs doing back in the kitchen aquarium? Anybody hatch yet?

Jay said...

That's great news about the implant. I bet she is enjoying a lot of the daily noises that we complain about.

You got some pregnant fish? Cool! ;-)

Joe said...

Congratulations on the implant. Do you think she could talk my mom into one?

Xtreme English said...

hey, joe....is your mom interested? she might enjoy looking up this website: http://www.hearingexchange.com/articles/paulas_pearls_111306.html

or reading ronniecat's blog: www.hearingloss.blogspot.com

good luck to her...and what a sweet boy you are to think of helping your mom in any way...

Peggy's mom

Xtreme English said...

oops...that last bit should read


Peggy's mom