Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Night

Here we are again. It's Sunday night. We've had a glorious two days here. Lots of sun to dry things out. We actually haven't had any rain since the window fell out. Good thing too because the window place was out of glass on Friday and they can't make our window (special double glazed unit) until Monday. There is a bit of plywood in place of the window, but I'd rather have the glass. Fingers crossed that the rain stays away until after the replacement glass is in.

The Man of the Place and I got a lot of little jobs done. Yesterday H finished painting the stand for my aquarium and the skirting boards that will be inaccessible once the thing is set up and filled with almost 100 gallons of water.

The lawn was cut, some of the huge pile of logs that was delivered was moved to where logs are supposed to be stored. I really couldn't do a lot of stacking as it hurt my finger after a while. Maybe we'll finish that next week if we have the weather.

I repaired the rabbit run. This means that Miles Davis, our pretty velveteen rabbit has moved out of the greenhouse and into proper rabbit quarters. Miles Davis had a wonderful time this weekend. Yesterday and today, I put him in with the chickens in the chicken run and he had a great time bouncing all around. The chickens didn't know what to make of MD but they didn't peck him. Both the chickens and MD enjoyed the fresh lawn clippings that were tossed into the chicken run.

The repairs to the rabbit run have been made with a bigger gauge wire and it will be more difficult for the wire to break. Now, I have to clean out the greenhouse and remove all evidence that a rabbit has been living in there. Another job for next weekend.
In closing, this is what George thought was a pretty good thing to do on the 1st of April.


Paradise Driver said...

What type of bait is George using? ;)

I always thought that I was listed on your links. Did I do something bad to get banned?

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

I love your life. You should start a business offering people a chance to come live with you and 'do what you do.' Call it 'A Day in the Life of a Very Lazy Gardener' and offer your services to stressed out urbanites. It would be like a monastic visit without the mandatory praying.

Peggy said...

Paradise Driver - Wil! Mea Culpa! I think I had started to change the address when you changed to your new site and never completed the job. Mea Maxima Culpa! I fixed it. You're here now.

nursewholvdme - Eryn, bless your heart! It is so sweet that you think it's peaceful here. I love my life too.

claude said...

Phew! Another busy weekend! While all I did was get invited and have lunch with excellent cooks ;)

Jay said...

That's a pretty busy weekend there.

I'm thinking George would like a stocked pond.