Sunday, March 19, 2017

Waiting for Spring

Taking part in the next Red Squirrel survey means that I get to go walk around local woods on a regular basis.

The trees are so beautiful.

The squirrel feeders get checked on a regular basis.  The food level is checked and the sticky tape that is underneath the inside flap of the feeder is swapped for a fresh one.

Today when the feeders were checked, all the sticky tape had small bits of red squirrel fur on them!  

After four sets of samples have been collected, my portion of the red squirrel survey is complete.  The samples will be posted away and scrutinized under a microscope.

Meanwhile, we wait for spring.

The fuchsias have overwintered successfully.  New leaves appear.  I will remember what happened last year and not let them get frosted.

It will be the vernal equinox on Monday and Tuesday, the 21st the second batch of eggs are due to hatch.  I am hopeful but actually more fearful than I was last time.  I know the heartbreak of a failed hatch.  The eggs are in lockdown now.  No more turning.  Just waiting.


joared said...

I'm waiting with you & hope the eggs hatch. Red Squirrel survey is New to me -- interesting. That is a fascinating looking tree. Hope a frost or freeze doesn't get your buds, but guess you have a way to protect them. Weather was pushing 90 degrees here in U.S.A. Southern California last week -- not our usual temps here this time of year. We finally came out of a multi-year drought with water rationing or at least specified amounts for reduction in useage. Has cooled today to 50s-60s and will have a bit of rain this week which I welcome.

Shammickite said...

So the eggs will have hatched by now.... fingers crossed for success.
You didn't post about them so perhaps you are to busy being a mummy for 12 little babies?