Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nature Walk

A favourite walk is up to the duck pond.  Polly is growing too old to enjoy walks up there.  One of her legs hurts so I won't make her do anything she doesn't want to.

The Man of the Place and I went up and were astounded by the devastation!  The trees are gone!

Trees in Scotland are quite often planted as a crop.  This means, that after the trees have matured, you have forgotten what the place looked like before they were big and the creatures of the forest start living in them, they get harvested.

It looks like a war zone.

There are still signs of spring.  They didn't harvest the gorse

One of the remaining Larch is sprouting needles

A dandelion

and of course, frogs  :-)

Just so I could prove to Polly that even though we went up to the pond without her, we didn't have a good time.  I fell in the mud.


Shammickite said...

Nice to see the signs of spring but quite a shock to find the trees have all gone. A shock to the woodland creatures too, I should Imagine. Also I'm happy that the MotP was with you on your walk. Polly probably laughed a doggy laugh when she saw your muddy legs.

joared said...

Sorry about that last batch of eggs not hatching. The little peeps remind me of when we had numbers of them shipped in, keeping them warm, etc. never had a rooster as fierce toward people as you describe. My husband had a goose that used to attack him when he was little. Those are beautifully feathered chickens.