Thursday, May 05, 2016

Small Visitors and More Tasks

At the weekend my son and his family stopped by.  After eating cake, we went to my garden and I showed them what I have been doing.
We planted some sunflower seeds and I showed them where everything will be planted in a few weeks.

Future gardener?
I showed my grandson where an old blackbird nest is.  Today I found a second nest hidden away under a bench.
With all the rain we've had over the past couple of years, the acidity levels in the soil have crept up.  Vegetables grow better and absorb nutrients from the soil a bit better when there is a bit of lime in the soil.  Agricultural lime was added today.  (face mask as the stuff is caustic)  
The soil will be tilled more finely in a few days.

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joared said...

And how does your garden grow? Looks like all is moving forward as need be. Glad your family could share this time with you.