Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Night Dives

I was really unsure about them at first.  Afraid of the dark, but underwater.  Now I love them.  I may even prefer them to daytime dives.

Giant moray going out on a hunt
I love how the daytime fish go find a hole in which they can spend the night.  Parrotfish enrobe themselves in a bubble to protect their fishy scent from attracting the patroling moray eels and sharks.
remnants of a parrot fish's mucus bubble
On morning dives, we will sometimes come across the remnants of those mucus bubbles.

Feather stars starting the show
The feather stars come out at night as well.  They look like an underwater Las Vegas floor show!
basket star
 Basket stars are even more amazing.  I keep having to remind myself that they are animals, not plants.

The man of the place and I had one particularly great dive at dusk during our trip.  We saw dolphins and sharks almost at the same time.
bottlenose dolphins

silky shark


Shammickite said...

Great pictures. I love seeing TV programmes about fish and life in the oceans but could never go down there myself, I prefer dry land. The first TV show that I ever saw about underwater life was Hans and Lotte Hass and Michaela Dennis, back in the 1950s I think. There's probably a lot about them on the internet... google them.

Peggy said...

Of course I know of pioneering work of Hans and Lotte Haas! Hans died almost two years ago and Lotte died quite recently. I'm not in their league but I am all for anybody who can help with education and the promotion of our seas.