Friday, July 18, 2014


Last year I wrote about the return of a very common bird to our garden, the sparrow.  I now have even better news to announce:  Because of diligent and non-stop feeding and organic grooviness I now have a full FLOCK of sparrows in the garden!

Sparrows  (not my photo)
There have been a number of fledglings over the last two weeks.  It has been fun watching the adults feed the little ones.  Yesterday, I counted twelve sparrows in the vegetable patch at one time.  I am counting that as an actual flock!  I'll keep feeding them in the hope that they continue to thrive and breed.

The common house sparrow population has been decimated by disease and new farming practices and chemicals.  We had not seen one here at the house in well over 19 years.
visiting Jay
The jay returned for a couple of weeks in June.  That was a special treat.  The red squirrels continue to visit daily.
Female squirrel peanut acrobatics
Eating peanuts upside down is their special skill.


Shammickite said...

It's not only the red squirrels who are acrobatic.... the grey squirrels in my back yard can hang upside down and drink sugar water out of the hummingbird feeder, pesky devils.
Nice to know the sparrows are back, they are sweet birds.

Peggy said...

They are sweet and gregarious birds! We live in the very edge of the red squirrel's territory. The North American grey has been edging them out for decades, starting down south (I think it was London). Now they greys are up in the north. Through trapping the grey squirrels and feeding up the red squirrels, the tide is turning for the endangered red squirrel.