Sunday, May 11, 2014

Troll Activity in Dumfries & Galloway

At the beginning of the winter we had some ferocious wind storms.  The house managed to withstand all the storms and (amazingly) the greenhouses managed to survive.  Usually when we have high winds, there is much glass to clean up afterwards.

The most damage happened in the area where I walk Polly.
The trees took a major hit and it looks as though we have had an infestation of Norwegian trolls!
The trees were knocked down in a very random way.  I thought that when wind damaged trees, the trees all fell in the same direction.
This is clearly not the case.

I have taken advice from our dear friend in Norway.  She kindly forwarded me the slayed troll form. I don't know if we will have to go so far as to kill any trolls that have migrated to Scotland, but if they get out of hand, we're ready with the correct paperwork.

Since watching the movie Troll Hunter, we have realized that we can never be too careful when it comes to trolls.

In the meantime, spring continues to be a beautiful and abundant season.  The puddles up by the ponds are not only filled with wiggling tadpoles, they have a coating of tree pollen.  

The gorse is also in bloom.  I love gorse and have been known to stop my car so that I can get out and have a good sniff.  It still smells of coconut!


Sarah said...

Great post! Could be trolls, or could be a twister...Do you have twisters in Scotland?

Peggy said...

This was the result of a series of storms that blew in from the Atlantic during the winter. Tornadoes need heat to form. We do get tornadoes but the big twisters are mostly formed in North America.

Sarah said...

I thought twister was a term used interchangeably with tornado. You know, like folks in Kansas say, "D'ja see that Twister Louise?!" While the folks in New York look it up in the dictionary under "Tornado".

Peggy said...

I think it IS. I have always used twister and tornado interchangeably.

Shammickite said...

My grandson was telling me about "those things that come out of the air and hurt you".... I suggested germs. No. I suggested huge birds. No. I gave up. He said "Torpedoes!" Well, I knew what he meant.