Sunday, April 20, 2014

Broken Trowel

Now that we've got a couple of days over Easter, the Man of the Place and I are getting some outside jobs done.  We've had almost a week of really good (non-rainy) weather.  We can even walk on the grass without our feet sinking and there is no squelchy noise.

I was so weary of getting the garden dug over and weeded and ready for planting, planting it up and then watching as it never stopped raining all summer long.  This has been happening year after year.  It gets really disheartening.  Last year, I thought, "That's it! I'm not going on a fool's errand again!"  

pumpkins, courgettes and cucumbers
I didn't plant anything.  The greenhouses got tidied up but then ignored.  Wouldn't you know it.  That was the year that we had a lovely warm summer with a normal amount of rain.  So the lesson is. . . don't give up.  You never know when the good year is going to arrive. 

fuchsias showing life again
The winter, though wet was VERY mild.  I only remember scraping the car once and we saw some snow fall once but it didn't stay more than an hour.  This means that the fuchsias over wintered very nicely.  Out of 15 assorted fuchsia plants there are 14 survivors. That'll save me some money.  I will have lots of lovely flowers in hanging baskets this year.
Green house back in production
On the left side of the greenhouse, the mice can climb up on the staging.  They'll eat any seeds that are in seed trays.  They'll dig them out of the compost to do that too.  So, large plants and plants that mice won't eat to the left.

larger plants to the left
I also discovered they will eat some seedlings.  After resowing the cauliflower seeds, all vegetable seedlings are kept on the right side of the greenhouse.
seeds to the right where there are fewer mice
The trowel broke today.  I was planting out the sweet pea plants and it just bent.  I straightened it out but when it bent again, it snapped.  Time for a new one.

I have a grand total of four sweet pea wigwams and still have twelve plants left to put out.  I am giving those away.

Perhaps the label "Lazy" won't be so accurate this year.

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Sarah said...

Yes, you should now name your blog Day to Day Life of a Very Industrious Gardner.

Your greenhouse looks so tidy!