Sunday, April 06, 2014

Apple Trees

I'm really really looking forward to this year!  I have planted two new trees and this is the first spring that they will be in bloom.

A number of years ago I was given two apple trees as a gift. The varieties were Discovery and James Grieve. Those trees are Group 3 pollinators for Bramley's Seeding apples, (the best cooking apple ever).  The high maintenance Bramley needs two pollinators.  At the time the trees were planted, I knew that  I would be getting a cooking apple tree.  I thought I'd plant a Bramley tree a few weeks later, but I never did.

Years rolled by and I never got around to planting the cooking apple tree that these trees were designed to pollinate.  This year could see the (literal) fruition of my long term plans as I now have two young Bramley trees.  I planted them when my two grandsons were born.

I'll be stopping there.  There are now four apple trees in the back garden.  If I am lucky enough to get additional grandchildren, I will plant something else.
Lennox turned one year old on the tenth of last month.  Isn't he a darling?!  Jack is going to be one year old this week.  Here he is brushing his curls.

They are pretty close in age and development.  It is fun to see who does what first and watch as their personalities develop.  Lennox is the chatterbox.  He can't say words yet but he imitates the sounds and patterns of speech so well.  Jack isn't as vocal, but he has four teeth rather than two and seems to have a an encouraging trend toward tidiness.  He likes to put all his toys in one spot (an unused baby seat or empty basket) as part of playing.

So while these boys are busy with growing up, their Nana is tending her garden and  planning to make lovely things with the apples that grow in the garden.


Anonymous said...

What sweet boys! So nice that you've been able to see them both.

So, we're both Nanas. I like that name - my Irish grandmother was Nana for me, and I decided to use it, too. --Cousin Susan

Sarah said...

Nice post Margaret :) xo