Sunday, January 05, 2014

Okay then . . .2014, here we go!

In the beginning of 2013 I started a log of the birds that visit our bird feeders.  I had been given some new bird feeders for Christmas last year and I had a spare 2013 diary lying around.  So, fill the feeders and sit back to watch through the window.

It was really fun to document what visited our garden.  There were seasonal visitors and surprise guests.  When writing in the daily log, I would highlight anything out of the ordinary in yellow highlighter.  For example if a new species (to me or the garden) showed up for the first time, that entry was made yellow.  When the red squirrels showed up, I highlighted those entries in pink.

The most common bird visitors to the place were Chaffinches and Coal tits.  They showed up every day and in good numbers.

Here is the bird list for the year.

Blue tit
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Coal tit
Great tit
Buzzard - in the tree across the road
Barn owl
Tawny owl
Long tailed tit
Assorted gulls (not close enough for identification)
Collared dove
Wood pigeon
Stock dove
Tree creeper
Green finch
Barnacle geese (in the field - I could see them from my window so I counted them!)
Red poll
Black cap
Great heron
Cuckoo - call only
Lapwing (in the field)
Oyster catcher (in the field)
Curlew (in the field)
Song thrush
Sparrow (first at the house in over 17 years)
Pied wagtail
Animals in the garden include

Polly - our dog
RED SQUIRRELS - up to four at once
field voles
least weasel
water shew
common shrew
pygmy shew
common newt
four or five species of bat - at least one is a pipistrelle

Forty species of bird has been seen from the back room window.  I am certain that if I spent more time watching.  If I could have identified the different species of gull in the field and the list would have been longer. There are also Fieldfair and Redstarts in the field but they fly way too fast for identification. If I can't be absolutely certain, it wasn't listed. It was fun watching the winter visitors to the feeders (bramblings) and note when the swallows return, breed and take off again.

The highlights for me this year was seeing the families of birds.  We had visiting male and female Great Spotted woodpeckers.  I saw them mating in one of the trees.  Weeks later the woodpeckers brought their offspring  to the peanut feeders.  It was delightful to see the adults feeding their babies.

A new bird made it onto my life list this year, the redpoll. That was a treat!  

One day a female pheasant showed up with over 14 baby pheasants following her.  Baby robins, blue tits, woodpeckers, blackbirds and chaffinches all did that nestling behaviour at the feeders of flapping their wings with mouth wide open.

Now it is winter again, a new year has started and a new diary has begun.  I wasn't going to do another log . . . but I found that writing down what is seen at the feeder has become a habit.  The first day of the New Year and I didn't have anywhere to write down what I was seeing!  I had to get a new pocket diary in the supermarket on the next trip into town. 


Shammickite said...

What a great list.... so many beautiful birds visiting your garden. Now you have to start the list all over again for 2014! Happy New Year to you and your family! Stay warm.

Xtreme English said...

right. great eyesight!! and they don't have to line up alphabetically at your windowsill for you to count them. if you can see 'em from your property, they're counted!! Amazing list! I see about 6 different kinds of birds around here, including gulls (nfs). And I can hear the crows and the mocking birds when I'm sitting on my tiny porch. Can't see 'em, though. too high up and far away....