Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Five short weeks after the arrival of Lennox, we have another addition to the family.  Please join me in welcoming Jack to the world!

He as born on the 10th of April  . . . .eventually.  It took his poor mother 36 hours to deliver him  and in the end he showed up in the traditional way.  Both mother and baby, though tired and bruised by the whole ordeal, were fine.
I now have two beautiful grandsons.  Both sets of parents are doing amazing jobs with their little ones.  The mothers are intelligent and sensible.  They research everything.  I was clueless when my first babies were born.  These little ones have such a head start on things.


Betty said...

Congratulations! Aren't you going to have fun?

Dogbait said...

Congratulations grandma!

Shammickite said...

Your two little baby boys are both gorgeous, I love baby boys to bits, I had two of my own and now have three in the next generation. And now I have a grandbaby girl too.... no idea what to do with baby girls, I'm so used to boys. But I have fun with them all!
Congratulations to everyone!

tom said...