Sunday, March 10, 2013


Now that photos of my new grandson are allowed, here he is.

As Nana, I think he is perfect. "Nana" is the tag I am hoping for.

This is my eldest son, Ian holding his hours old son.  They seem to be having a lovely moment.  I hope they have hundreds of those.

Here's our little peanut!

Early reports are saying that he is the right sort of baby.  Quiet, calm and alert.

I am already besotted.  I meet him on the 20th when I fly to Chicago for a solid week of Lennox time.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Welcome to the World

Yesterday in Chicago, my lovely daughter-in-law after an epic labor of over 24 hours brought Lennox David into the world.  He is perfect.  He weighed 6lbs and 4oz at birth. 

My son wept openly when his son was born.  I would have loved to be nearer as all of this was happening.  I'll see them in two weeks when I go for a quick visit.  I will bring presents and help where I can.

I am not authorized to post photos of the little guy at this time.   I will post photos when it is properly sanctioned.

That's me  a grandmother now.  It also bumps my mother up a grade to great grandmother.  Yipee! I love babies and I love that my family continues to grow and I don't have to do anything!