Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wedding Preparations!

I have three sons.  The eldest has already been married for a number of years.  He is 29 and lives in Chicago with his beautiful wife.  Son number two is 28 and is getting married on Friday here in Scotland!

I am fizzing with excitement!  My boy is marrying a beautiful, smart, strong and lively woman.  She fits right into this family already.  It isn't often that all three of my boys are together in one place.  That happens this week.  On the day of the wedding they'll all be in kilts!  

The happy couple asked me a while ago if I would make "the cake".  I am not a professional baker, but I do love to make cakes.  It turns out that my son and his bride don't like traditional fruitcake.  They like my carrot cake and as that is what they like, would I make it.  I was so flattered.  Of course I'll make it for them.
Just as soon as I said I would, I wondered what I had agreed to.   I can bake with my eyes closed so I have no worries in that department but I want it to look pretty!  I don't want it ending up on cakewrecks.com.   In fact, I can't look at that site without my heart sinking just a little.   I'll just make the traditional icing for carrot cake, cream cheese icing and make it as smooth as my non-professional hands can make it.  We'll get it on the stand, a ribbon goes around each tier and we're done.  Once it is cut, nobody cares.  I have actually had ingredients donated for this cake.  My friend Helen gave me eggs from her hens.  

Last night, I started baking.  I guess I should have planned better.  I ended up taking over the entire kitchen and The Man of the Place and our youngest had to have cold pasta salad left over from yesterday for dinner. They aren't dead this morning so I'll have to make certain that they're fed properly tonight.  

Our only other job is to dress nicely and show up.
The Man of the Place bought a new suit for the occasion and I bought a new dress. 
I also have a new hat.  To be revealed to the public on the day.  


Betty said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. I'm sure your cake will be yummy and beautiful. Have fun next week!

Peggy said...

Thanks Betty - it is THIS week! He gets married on the 29th. :-D

I should probably make that a little clearer.

Xtreme English said...

OMG....! i'm sure it will be SPLENDID!! Have a wonderful time, too! Laura is fabulous, as is Medea.

Shammickite said...

The wedding celebrations are all over now.... the official ones that is.... I wonder how it all went. It's SO exciting isn't it? I felt the same way when YoungerSon got married.... thrilled to be part of such a wonderful happy event.
I hope you're going to post pictures of those kilts, I want to see their knobbly knees!
And I want to see that HAT!