Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kill Fest 11

Our mild mannered house cat, Julio has started to put on weight.  Because of this, I have taken over the feeding of the cat.  I have always been in charge of feeding the dog because she is my dog and my responsibility and has really never had a weight problem.

Cats will overeat and cry for food even when they aren't actually hungry.  So it is up to the humans to make sure they get what is best for them.  

Julio has been on this new regime for just about a week.  A few days after we started cutting back the rations and only feeding the cat when it is feeding time we noticed something.  More dead mice were appearing in the house.   I'm not counting the dead ones I have pulled out of the mousetrap under the sink.  These are brought-in-through-the-cat-flap mice.  I  pray we keep on top of the mouse corpse situation.  Finding an partially decomposed mouse is unpleasant.

Two days ago, The Man of the Place found the head of a pheasant in the hallway.  That's a bit odd.  He threw it out.  Just now, I tripped over something in the dark . . . .it was a whole dead pheasant.  

Has hunger driven our poor cat to catching whole adult game birds?  Bleh


Sarah said...

Julio is one fine hunter. Had to laugh at this one though...

"Two days ago, The Man of the Place found the head of a pheasant in the hallway. That's a bit odd."

A bit odd!! Maybe not for the Scottish countryside, but here in New Jersey it would have a whiff of The Godfather.

Hoya said...

My vet yells at me because our cat put on two pounds in the last 2 years. I tell the vet the first year doesn't count because the cat was a stray we took in, and as for the last year - I feed her less, she supplements her diet. With mice, voles, bunnies, and squirrels. Isn't it fun living with a natural predator? Good luck! Ours brings them in the cat door too!

Anonymous said...

But was the whole dead pheasant inside the house or out?
Maybe Julio was saving it for later.