Sunday, September 04, 2011

Empty Nest

My life underwent a fundamental change in December, 1982.  My first child was born.  From that day forward I was a parent. It was so long ago.  I was so young (20) when Ian was born.  I barely know the young woman in that photo.
December 19, 1982
I remember being amazed that the hospital was going to let me go home with this beautiful baby!  What did I know about babies and being a parent?  Answer: not a whole lot. 

We blundered on.
November 1983
Here I am the following year with another one on the way. Sean was the only baby to be a little early. I sure would love to turn back the clock and see my children as babies again.  They were such beautiful children.
Iowa City - Dec 1985
I took a few sharp turns in the past 28 years.  Some were good ideas and some weren't.  But we always had fun!
Miami Zoo
A number of years later,  we live in another country and a third child  has come into our lives!

The due date Sept 1993

July 1994

I will continue to be a parent until the day I die.  Yesterday the prefix "full-time" was removed from the title of parent.  The youngest was stuffed into our overpacked car and driven up to Edinburgh to start his Marine and Freshwater Biology course.  He's gone now.
3 September
Like his brothers before him, I was sad to see him go but I wouldn't want it any other way.  I see the smart, confident and handsome men that my sons have become and am pleased they are out in the world.  It is what I wanted for them. 
Diving is fun - August 2011

This is me having completed being a full time parent.  I have lots to do so I'm not worried about how I'm going to fill up the time that was previously devoted to parenthood, but I am feeling a loss.

I'll start by walking the dog and then cleaning some of the rooms in the house.  The nice thing about cleaning now is that I am confident that the rooms will stay clean for more than a day.

Egypt August 2011
Thanks Ian, Sean and George for being three of the best parts of my life.  I really love being your mother and I love you.


Paradise Driver said...

You done did good, mama.

Sarah said...

Ok, I'm teary.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. The first day of school, the last kid to leave home, the weddings,.... Then come the grandkids! Hang in there.
--Cousin Susan

Betty said...

Kids are like boomerangs. They keep coming back, at least temporarily. Good luck to George.

Gordon said...

And I'm sure your kids realise how lucky they have to have you as a Mum! Not met the other two but if George is anything to go by you've done a fab job!

J-Funk said...

Oh my goodness, I almost cried at this one, and my baby is only 1 and a half!! What a sweet sweet post. I hope George has a great time and the University of Edinburgh. I met someone in July at a conference that just took a faculty job there and he's quite smart and very nice, hopefully everyone there is like that.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm a little teary reading this Peggy. It sure hits a note with all mothers. The circle of life...Good luck George. ~Joy

Shammickite said...

My boys are all grown up now too, and the next generation is already here, four of them so far.... FOUR!!!! I just can't believe how fast the time seems to fly by. Good luck to George.
And good luck to you settling into the "empty nest" parent role. It's hard, but it's very satisfying too.

Xtreme English said...

sweetheart, you're a star!! and your children are incredible. susan's come the grandchildren. hang in there! xo, mom