Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stuff Keeps Showing Up

It has been so wet this spring I never got a chance to plant anything in that nicely dug up vegetable patch.

The tadpoles are quickly becoming frogs. 

This wee man has almost completed the transformation.  The tail is almost completely absorbed.

The newts are getting fat too.

I haven't seen the diving beetle larvae.  They might be pupating because they were the size of a decent shrimp the last time I looked.

If we leave the light on by the back door we will have moths on the wall in the morning.   Here are two beauties that visited this week.

White ermine

Buff tip - looks like a bit of birch twig!


Shammickite said...

JULY 1: Happy CANADA Day, Lazy Gardener! You may not be aware that it's Canada's 144th birthday today, and Will and Kate are in Ottawa to help us celebrate. Actually, we don't need help, but it's great to have them here!
What gorgeous moths, I have never seen the white one before.

Anonymous said...

How I wish I had your eye for nature in your own backyard. We did notice today that the robin's nest right outside our screened porch where we eat dinner as often as possible is empty. The two fledglings have taken wing! Cousin Susan

Xtreme English said...

we had a nest of robins on our front porch, and they young have flown--like as long ago as three weeks!

xo, ma