Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring is almost here!

We had a glorious weekend here at Whitelees.

For most of the weekend we had life enhancing sunshine and for all of the weekend it was dry! 

I'm going on a dive trip in a few days and decided that I would wear shorts while I'm away.  I was digging out the summer clothes only to discover that they all smelled musty.  The didn't really get an airing last year so they've been in the bottom drawer for a long time.  I managed to get them - and all the bedding - washed and dried on the clothes line.  I got clothes dried on Saturday and Sunday!  I just love the smell of things dried on the line.  There is no chemical or artificially produced scent that can top it.  I even prefer bath towels to be dried on the line.  I like the scratchiness.  It makes me as though I get a little bit drier than I do with the fluffy, machine dried towels with added fabric softener.

When scraping weeds and assorted things that aren't flowering plants out of the herbaceous borders I paused as I found that a ladybird was walking across my sleeve.

Today I saw a Mayfly on the window!  I looked at the calendar today so I know that it is still March.  It continues to be March for a few more days. 

Here in March, is a Mayfly!


Anonymous said...

Your plants look exceptionally healthy. Have a great diving trip. Joyce

J-Funk said...

Sun is so awesome! I'm glad you are enjoying it. What a beautiful sunny room!

Shammickite said...

Those little red insects are called ladybugs here in N America, but I prefer the name ladybird... so much more elegant! However we have had some kind of oragey red ones here for the past couple of years and THEY BITE!

Anonymous said...

That room - glorious! Even if you don't have lots of sun, you can make the very most of it in there. Fun to see it at its best! Cousin Susan