Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Love

Firstly, let me say that I am very sorry to have neglected the blog for so long.  I had a cruddy summer job that sucked all my time and creativity - for very little pay.  I don't work there any longer so, I'm back now.

I have been enjoying evening walks with the dog.  As the days grow shorter, the walks are getting darker.  I'm going to have to dig out the hi-viz vest.

George includes his hand so we have a sense of scale
The mushrooms this year are bigger than I have ever seen them.    These seem to be the size of  . . . oversized mushrooms.
Fly agaric
This one looks as though it should have an elf sitting under it.

I've been on numerous evening walks with Polly up to the woods. 
Since August, our cat Julio has decided that he needs to come with us.  So now there is this strange American just outside the village who walks both her dog and her cat.  Julio is one odd cat.

The mushrooms are as numerous as they are plentiful as well.  They are under every single large beech tree. 
Mushroom with purple gills
-unknown red capped mushroom -

We had taken delivery of a load of logs the other day and the new logs need to be stacked on the big green plastic tarp.  This morning,  The Man of the Place was re-arranging the firewood and discovered some beasties that have already begun their hibernation.  Frogs, toads and two newts were sleeping in last year's logs and old bits of bark.  We didn't want to disturb them my desire for organisation overrides.  I demand that all logs be put neatly on the tarp and the tarp folded over the logs to keep the rain off..  It is so nice to have dry logs when we need to light a fire.
The frogs were still jumpy but the newts barely moved at all.  We have relocated the critters to a spot the poly tunnel under some black plastic that won't get stepped on.
hibernating newt
 My newt was quite plain.  The other newt had a few dark spots and a very red belly!

This frog was very handsome.  I hope the hibernation is successful for these small and delicate creatures.  When moving the logs, we found earthworms and wood lice.  When relocating the frogs to the new hibernation spot, I put a fat worm next to each frog.  They might want a snack later on.  :-)

I'll report on the state of the garden next time. . . . .


J-Funk said...

Yayyyyy! You're back!! Missed you dearly. Hope the new job is going well.

Betty said...

Welcome back! I've missed you.

Paradise Driver said...

Glad you're back. I follow you on FaceBook, but that service has a pedestrian feel to it, whereas your blog is more intimate.

Sarah said...

Yay! You're blogging again! Julio loves walks! Go Newts! Go Froggies!

Peggy said...

You guys make me smile! :-)

Anonymous said...

Peggy, you live in a naturalist's paradise! I wonder if I had a dog to walk in the woods surrounding the river a block away, I would see marvels here, too. You take great photos to boot! --Cousin Susan

Anonymous said...


That is a relief, back, bright and breezy. Sorry you had a lousy job, lets hope the next one is better.

mrs K

Xtreme English said...

love this. that's one fascinating red & white mushroom!! glad you made a refuge for the critters when you restacked the wood pile.

welcome back to blogging!