Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Time

Sorry folks - I started a new job.

Please don't send congratulations as it really is only slightly better than being unemployed. A plus side is that I am busy and my employer is grateful. Big down side is that I am so very very busy that everything else has been put on hold. I have long hours. I put in a twelve hour day yesterday.

I can just about find the time to read the blogs I like, but very little time to contruct a thought and write in mine.

Please forgive the slow output for a while. I will either get the new job managed so that I have time to do stuff OR I'll find a better job that allows for things like a life.

I am hoping to get into the water for a dive this weekend. I'll write about that if I manage to get wet.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Peggy for your get up and go.

May you get 'wet' this weekend, you deserve some relaxation.

mrs K

dogbait said...

Wot! Meter reading!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about job Peggy - that is how mine got before my retirement - NO time for life outside of work! Hope things improve for you - I'm here if you want to talk. Joyce x

Anonymous said...

Well, it was great to see all your posts while you had lots of time for blogging! Hope the job turns out to be worthwhile.
Cousin Susan

Shammickite said...

Work really interferes with having a life, doesn't it. I recommend retirement.

Xtreme English said...

sometimes you just have to be thankful for an income, no matter what kind of job produces it. i've had some real doozies of jobs, but i was always glad to be able to help feed you and your siblings. you all contributed, too, god love all had jobs of one kind or another from the time you were 13 or 14. it builds character if not lifelong gratitude....i'm proud of you all for your intelligence and industriousness and humor. you've never had anything handed to you. xo, ma

Xtreme English said...

p.s. and your compassion, too. there's not a snot among you.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Good luck with this job however long you may have it Peggy. I hope it goes well for you no matter what. I haven't worked outside of my home for over five years....I don't think I could do it anymore, even if someone would hire me. Besides, I'm too close to retirement age now. Take care... ~Joy