Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not a Weed In Sight

I've had time this year to keep on top of garden tasks. There isn't a weed to be seen this year.
Today I found myself weeding with my thumb and index finger, pinching the little tiny weeds that only have their first set of true leaves. In the past weeding involved grabbing fists full of stubborn and well rooted weeds. I'm not giving weeds a chance this year.Here are my neat little rows.I was given spring cabbage plants by my neighbour, Charlie. I liked the little sign he made so much that I transferred it to my garden once the plants were put out. Cabage - much nicer than cabbage!The strawberry patch has been relocated to a sunnier spot. No not Cornwall, just out of the shade of the oil tank. I replaced some of the more tired strawberry plants and I've pinched off all the strawberry flowers after the move. The plants should just focus on being plants and build up their plant energy. I'm delaying my strawberry gratification until next year when I expect a full and bumper crop!
In the greenhouse we've got enough basil (on the right) to start making pesto. The coriander (cilantro) on the left is almost ready for a first cut as well!
See the little cucumber (yellow flower on the end of it)? It should be pornstar sized in no time if we keep having these lovely sunny days!


AZ said...

Everything is lovely! So well cared for and beautifully planted rows, kudos to the “Lazy Gardner” who isn’t lazy at all.

Jay said...

The garden is looking great this year!

I love strawberries. I think they have local strawberries at the stores here right now. I should get some.

dogbait said...

And how would you know about "pornstar sized" things?

Gordon said...

Is that why I can never find a decent sized cucumber in the supermarket? Bloody pornstars!!

Very neat garden though, I'm sure Polly was a huge help too :)

Shammickite said...

The garden looks great, I am suitable impressed!
A note regarding your pervious Julio blog. Our Midge had the same trouble, blocked urethra, many times, and even had to have surgery to unblock him... the last one resulting in a "dead tail" which robbed him of all feeling and control over his tail. His formerly fluffy ginger used to drag in the dirt behind him, and often when he went outside he would forget the tail and get it shut in the door.

Susie @ A Slice of My Life said...

Such a pretty garden. I'm impressed with your weed-getting determination!

Anonymous said...

My hat's off to you! The weeds are large in my garden, but the plants are larger, so far. I did go out to see what I could do to get the biggest weeds out yesterday at 5:30pm, but after only a few minutes, I looked down and saw a gang of mosquitoes on my right arm. I hadn't even felt one! Today the weeks remain unmolested (and I'm scratching). But I do have nice little heads on my 6 cabbages already! Cousin Susan