Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Hedgehog Has a Closer Look at Pam

One fabulous thing about living in the UK are the hedgehogs. They're so fun! They also eat slugs and snails which are the bane of all gardeners. Sadly hedgehogs do not have a lot of road sense and are very often seen squished at the side of the road. We love hedgehogs here at Whitelees Cottage. Before I had a dog, we used to feed the cats outside. Hedgehogs would visit the cat food bowls in the summer on a fairly regular basis.

Our dear friends Kevin and Pam are up from Cirencester to visit us for a few days. As we try our hardest to pull out all the stops for guests it was only fitting that a hedgehog should waddle under their car tonight. I saw it go under the car and squealed the information to Pam. We both rushed out (me with a camera) to get a better look.

This turned out well. That is one fearless hedgehog!
It went into the tool shed where he or she is well hidden now. Please note the wonderful weed-free status of the gravel in our drive. I am working hard to keep it this way.


Shammickite said...

Great video! he's well protected with all those prickles. And very bold. I thought they were more active in the night rather than in daylight. We used to put bread and milk out for them at night to encourage them to stay in the garden.

Anonymous said...

What fun! But do hedgehogs bite?
--Cousin Susan

Peggy said...

Susan - Hedgehogs are very gentle creatures that roll into a ball if they're freaked out. Once they have rolled into a prickly ball, one can (very gently) pick them up and move them.