Sunday, May 09, 2010

Not Just Yet

The desire to plant up the garden is at its height just before the threat of frost passes. One is tempted to plant out all those tender plants that are waiting patiently in the greenhouse.
I know - from bitter experience - that if I do, they will die. We will almost certainly have a late frost OR wind that will blow hard for days and burn everything.

I'm waiting.The garden is dug over.The chickens were grateful recipients of all the perennial weeds. It solves the problem with what to do with these weeds. One cannot compost perennial weeds. Burning them isn't an option so the chicken run is a great place to throw these things. The chickens will kill them dead (and turn them into eggs)!So, while I wait I'll admire the boldness of the plum tree. This Victoria Plum doesn't care that it is not yet June and is going to bloom away despite the calender.The Forget-me-not is in bloom too. This particular flower can be found on the south side of our place at the foot of a clematis that will also be blooming soon. One year the spring winds blew for three days running and burnt the clematis blossom. See? It doesn't pay to be too early. I almost cut the whole climber down in disgust. Clematis montana Elizabeth is a rampant thug of a vine and I only tolerate it only because of the delicate pink, slightly perfumed flowers it shows in early spring.

I suppose I could put the cabbages and cauliflower out. They're pretty hardy. Maybe I'll do that today. We'll see . . . .


Shammickite said...

Frost forecast here tinight too! And there was SNOW on the ground this morning! That was a very short summer.

Susie said... addition to the frost you have to worry about *wind*??? I'm all new to this garden stuff and really haven't a clue as to what I'm doing. (although plants keep following me home...they just seem to lonely)

AZ said...

For the last week we've been waiting to hit 100°F, we haven't managed it yet, but 98° is close! The farm fields around my house have been planted with cotton, corn, barley, millet, roses, and I suspect melons are planted too. Hope you warm up soon.

Peggy said...

Shammy - Hang in there! You'll be swatting mosquitoes before you know it! :-)

Susie - Yup wind is a factor when one lives so close to the Irish Sea. It comes HOWLING. If I have hanging baskets up, I'll move them to the greenhouse until it calms down. :-)

AZ - How nice that you get to enjoy all that wonderful sun! I envy you that! :-)