Saturday, May 15, 2010

Doing What Cats Do

It is a gorgeous day today! Warm, light breeze and only a few clouds in the sky.The cows are back out in the fields too. They look grateful to be back out in the fresh air after being in sheds, eating silage all winter. The cows sort of keep me company when I'm out in the garden.My friend Elaine called and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I'll always go for a walk, especially with a friend on lovely spring days. I tucked my camera into my pocket in case I saw anything worth photographing.
Just as we were setting out we were met by our cat, Julio. He was strutting to the house with a prize, a stoat. The thing was still breathing. Poor creature! I called out to The Man of the Place and he assisted Julio in making certain that the stoat no longer suffered. Julio and stoat

Look! The animal is so large that it drags on the ground. Julio came home with a few scratches on his nose the other day. Today a few more scratches have been added to the collection. I suspect now that it was a stoat that had inflicted the earlier damage as the new scratches sort of match the old ones.Wild primroses

Settign out on the walk we saw lots of wild primrose. Bluebells are starting to pop out and they'll be at their peak in a week or two.

Back home Julio is sleeping in a sunbeam now after having a post-battle wash. He is one mighty hunter!! That is what cats do. I can't say that I like when he kills things but I wish he'd hunt moles.Photo by Dean of DDD

I've seen a couple of beautiful Orange tip butterflies. They only fly in the spring so it is always a treat to see them.


dogbait said...

Spring for some, autumn for others although today and the next three are very spring like for us.

At 16, our Sammy is quite content to doze in the sun and let the creatures walk all around him. Probably waits until our backs are turned although we haven't seen loose feathers for ages.

Jay said...

Julio is pretty scrappy.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty amazing to me to see your pictures of sunny Scotland! I have been under the impression that you're always under a cloud there. Good to see! --Cousin Susan

Peggy said...

Dogbait - Especially this time of year our cat goes into what we like to think of as - a killing spree- Not a week goes by when I am not throwing the lifeless body of something in the bin. :-)

Jay - He is up for apex preditor of the neighbourhood award! :-)

Susan - I was joking the other day that it rains 340 days out of the year and the other 25 are so filled with dense fog that we can't feel the rain. :-)